Instagram adds pronouns to profiles, Twitter considering the same

Instagram added the feature to its app for users to include pronouns.

What you need to know

  • Instagram has added a feature that allows pronouns to be added to a user’s profile.
  • Twitter doesn’t have this feature right now.
  • A spokesperson said that the platform isn’t „closing the door“ on the idea.

Following Instagram’s announcement that will allow users to declare pronouns on their profile pages, Twitter says it doesn’t have plans to include pronouns as a field in a user’s profile, but it isn’t „closing the door“ on the idea.

On May 12, Instagram said that users will be able to add pronouns to their profiles. In a tweet, the company said that „the new field is available in a few countries.

A Facebook spokesperson said in an email that the new feature will be rolling out to users in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, „with plans for more.“

„We are giving people more tools to express themselves on Instagram. Sharing pronouns has been widely adopted by our community, and with this feature, we hope to normalize the adoption further,“ the spokesperson said.

A Twitter spokesperson told Android Central that the feature currently is unavailable on the platform, but that it isn’t „closing the door,“ on the idea.

Currently, on Twitter a user can type out their pronouns in their profile, but users are limited to 160 characters. Instagram’s feature has rolled out to some users, who also wish the feature was available on Twitter.

Holly Brockwell, a tech writer based in the U.K., said the lack of characters in a Twitter bio makes it hard for users.

„I hope Twitter adds them soon, I’ve had them in my bio a few times but often run out of characters,“ she wrote.

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