Has the recent Amazon review scam soured you on the accused brands?

Rewarding bad behavior?

Yesterday many of us reacted with disdain at the news that several companies ran fake review schemes for their products for sale on Amazon. These unscrupulous activities were revealed from a data breach uncovered by the cybersecurity experts at SafetyDetectives. Some of the top alleged offenders were Aukey and Mpow, two brands whose listings generally appear all over Amazon’s website, and two brands that sites like Android Central regularly review and often recommend.

Amazon has since pulled down most, if not all, of those alleged offender’s product listings. It’s not clear at this point if these measures will be permanent or if the affected companies will be able to successfully appeal Amazon’s actions.

If the companies are able to relist their products on Amazon, will you still consider purchasing them?

Does the alleged fake review scheme on Amazon make you less likely to buy from the accused vendors

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