Do you miss small phones?

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As much as I love the bright, vivid, high-refresh displays on larger phones like the OnePlus 9 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20, there’s something refreshing about using a more one-handed friendly phone like the Google Pixel 4a. For me, there’s a dose of nostalgia for the days when the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was considered a beast, but it’s also easier and more comfortable to use a small phone one-handed. And that’s not even taking into account the conveniences a smaller form factor brings to those of us who have smaller pockets to stuff larger and larger phones into. Will we see the Android equivalent of the Apple iPhone 12 mini anytime soon, or are foldables our hope for more pocketable phones?

It’s not a new debate, but it’s one that keeps coming up in certain circles, including the AC forums:

Kuldip Wagh
05-06-2021 10:43 PM

1. Samsung OneUI has become much better, cleaner now.
2. Samsung should make a phone with ~5.5 inch phone with the form factor comparable to I phone 12 mini. because 6 inches is still bigger.
The users will be less in compared to big size phones, but its essential for those who wants.
3. And battery will play a key role in design of such phone. It should be at least one day.


Kizzy Catwoman
05-07-2021 04:12 AM

I think you are correct, although Apple found sales of the iPhone mini didn’t meet their expectations sales wise


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