Outriders for PS4 and PS5: Known bugs and launch issues

The co-op game has finally launched, but not without some bumps in the road.

Square Enix and People Can Fly’s sci-fi shooter Outriders has released for PS4 and PS5, with a demo still available to download (a pretty lengthy demo, at that). If you’ve hopped into the newest title — which also happens to be free through Xbox Game Pass — you may have ran into some issues already. While no game is without its faults — especially one that relies on servers — they should be noted all the same so that the developers can get to work on fixing them.

We’ve compiled a list of major issues that people are experiencing, including any workarounds that people have found so far. One major issue you’ll probably see a ton of: server disconnects.

Outriders Known bugs and how to fix them

Server disconnects

You may be experiencing intermittent server disconnects, and that’s common for an online game during its launch window. People Can Fly has already identified one culprit behind the issue and implemented a fix, but that doesn’t mean more won’t pop up as people flood to the servers.

The only way you can fix this? You just need to wait it out — though you can always try troubleshooting your internet connection on PS5 if you think the problem is on your end.

The studio is still continuing to investigate server issues in Outriders, so sit tight. This is no surprise for a multiplayer game at release, even if it’s disappointing. And you can’t hop onto a new console or your PC and hope for the best. Server issues are persistent across all platforms at the moment.

What makes it worse is that though Outriders supports 3-player co-op, you can still play it entirely solo. You don’t have to touch its multiplayer at all if you don’t want to. It’s became a pain point over the years that games allowing people to play in single-player always need to be connected to the internet. People are asking for an offline mode in Outriders, but the developer doesn’t appear to be working on one.

All that said, please remember that the studio is working hard to solve these issues. All online games experience this at launch. Be patient and it’ll smooth out over time.

PS5 and PS4 cross-play disconnects with PC

One of the biggest issues that players are reporting right now are frequent disconnects when trying to cross-play between console and PC. Apparently there was a desynchronization between the PC and console code that resulted in a backend mismatch that would kick players out if they were in a multiplayer game. The studio is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, but unfortunately the patch will not come today and it does not have an ETA on it. Rest assured, though, it is a priority for People Can Fly.

Though this affects cross-play between PS4/PS5 and PC players, you can still play between PlayStation and Xbox just fine. In the meantime, automatic matchmaking between consoles and PC has been turned off.

Game crashes

  • Issue: Players have also been reporting that their games keep crashing on PS5 and PS4.
  • Fix: In this instance the fix may be as simple as checking the game for updates and ensuring you have the day one patch downloaded.

  • Issue: In a specific instance, Square Enix has been made aware of a crash that occurs when players turn in the sidequest „A Bad Day“ for their reward. As it turns out, this crash appears to be linked to having Hell’s Rangers equipment in your inventory at the time.

  • Fix: To fix this, place your Hell’s Rangers items in your stash before you turn in the quest. You can take them back out and equip them once you’ve received the reward. Some players have also noted that having legendaries could be causing this crash as well, so add those to your stash too if it keeps happening.

  • Issue: Crashes during the „Mountain Outpost“ expedition have been reported but are infrequent.

  • Fix: Square Enix is looking into the issue but offers no solution at this time as it appears to happen randomly.

Stuck at signed in

  • Issue: Anyone hopping into Outriders may find themselves stick in an infinite „signed in“ loop with no way to access to full game. This appears to be affecting PS4 and PS5 users more often than other systems.
  • Fix: Closing the game and rebooting it entirely should do the trick, though some have even reported that just waiting several minutes will get you past the „infinite“ loading.

UI/HUD disappears

While you can turn the HUD on and off in the game’s settings, players have found that it sometimes doesn’t show up even when it’s toggled on. Return to the game’s lobby and reload the game to try and fix this. Reddit user Ossorin also gave their workaround that seems to have worked for several people:

  1. In the lobby, disable all the interface options.
  2. Enter the game.
  3. Activate the interface options in-game.

Inventory wipes

This may be the worst one of all. It’s unclear why it happens and there’s currently no fix or workaround in place, but you may randomly lose your hard-earned items. People Can Fly is once again aware of the problem and is working diligently to fix it. It’s unknown whether wiped items are lost forever or if there is some way to restore them in the future.

What issues have you encountered?

Have any more issues you’ve encountered? This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are the most pressing that we’ve seen players report. For a full list of bugs and issues, you can keep track through this Reddit thread.

A lot of people have already been praising the game, so hopefully, when these fixes are in place it can earn a spot among the best PS5 games out there right now.



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