Ready to try Boost Mobile? Here’s what you should know

Boost Mobile offers a ton of data at a great price.

Boost Mobile is owned by DISH and runs on Sprint’s LTE network and the new T-Mobile network. Boost Mobile is known for its solid values on data and one of the best plans available for people that need to roam in Mexico. Boost Mobile has a plan that will work for just about anyone, whether they need just 1GB of data or up to 35GB. Here’s everything you need to know if Boost Mobile sounds like a good fit for you.

Big on data

Boost Mobile

From $10/mo. at Boost Mobile

Big on data

Boost Mobile plans have a ton of data at competitive prices for people looking to save and even comes with hotspot data on every plan.

Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide Expanding the network

Sprint’s network doesn’t have the coverage of its competitors, and on its main service, it relies heavily on extended LTE from other carriers to fill in the gaps. This isn’t available on Boost Mobile, so if you’re used to Sprint’s coverage, be sure to check out Boost Mobile’s nationwide coverage map before signing up. If you are covered, you can expect a solid LTE service.

Nationwide Network Coverage (Sprint)

Boost Mobile is now offering 5G coverage as well as improved LTE coverage with the new T-Mobile network. Check out the expanded network on Boost’s site to see if it will work better for you. Keep in mind that a 5G phone that supports standalone 5G such as the Galaxy S20 will have the best possible coverage.

Expanded Network Coverage (T-Mobile)

Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide Boost’s plans

Boost Mobile plans start at just $35 per month for 3GB of data and unlimited calling and texting. This plan also comes with 6GB of data if you’re willing to sign up at Walmart. This can be upgraded to unlimited data with more speed and features going up. Unlimited starts at $50 per month, but with two lines, it’s only $80 or $40 per line. This plan comes with 12GB of hotspot data. If you need more hotspot data, 30GB is available for $10 more per month.

With Boost’s Nationwide network, one of the best ways to save is to bring more lines.

The Expanded network has a few more plans starting at 1GB if you sign up in a store and are a new customer. The 1GB, 2GB, and 5GB plans at their presented rates are only available to new customers. The 1GB and 2GB plans need to be set up in a Boost Mobile store as well. Moving up, there is a 10GB plan for $35 per month and a 15GB plan. The 15GB plan is a Shrink-It! plan, which means the price comes down to $35 after six on-time payments.

Boost Mobile has two unlimited plans which offer 35GB of high-speed data before throttling the connection to 2GB speeds. The $50 plan only offers SD video streams which will be plenty for many people. If you want HD, you’ll need the $60 plan. Additional lines are $30 and $40 per month, respectively, and are the best way to save money with your plan.

Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide International service

Boost Mobile has several plans for getting you connected around the world. A Todo Mexico plan helps people stay connected in Mexico with unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico and 8GB of data when roaming in Mexico. The plan also allows for unlimited calls and texts in Canada. Boost Mobile is one of the strongest MVNOs around when it comes to international service.

Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide The phones

If you’re ready for a new device, Boost Mobile sells a wide range of phones, from cheaper offerings like the Samsung Galaxy A10e to the S20 FE 5G. You can also get an iPhone 11 Pro down to the iPhone 8, depending on your budget.

If you want to bring your own phone or buy one unlocked, you should make sure that the model works on your preferred network. For the older Sprint-based nationwide network, it will need to be compatible with the Sprint CDMA and LTE network to work properly. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all Sprint phones will be able to be transferred to Boost Mobile, so be sure to double-check if you’re a Sprint customer thinking about switching.

Even if your phone is technically compatible with Boost Mobile’s network, it still might not be able to be activated. Enter your phone’s IMEI or visit a Boost Mobile store to be sure.

Boost Mobile’s Expanded network is what most new Boost customers will be using and will provide better coverage and data speeds for the majority of people. This network should technically be compatible with most unlocked phones, but it’s still a good idea to check to be sure. Most of the best Android phones should work without issue, but some otherwise capable phones purchased from other carriers might have some compatibility issues.

Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide The prepaid advantage

Even if you’ve checked the coverage maps, it’s still possible that you’re not satisfied with the service area on Boost Mobile. Thanks to being a prepaid provider, you aren’t locked into a contract and are free to try out more options. Just be sure to transfer your phone number before you let your contract run out, or you could lose it.

If you’re not happy with Boost Mobile for one reason or another, there are plenty of alternative carriers to choose from.

Big on data

Boost Mobile

From $10/mo. at Boost Mobile

Big on data

Boost Mobile plans have a ton of data at competitive prices for people looking to save and even comes with hotspot data on every plan.

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