Is unlimited Google Photos storage enough for you to buy a current Pixel?

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Last November, Google updated its longstanding and generous Google Photos storage policies. With the change, all photos and videos uploaded after June 1, 2021, will now count towards your 15GB of free Google account storage. Photos uploaded before that time would not count against the storage.

Pixel phone owners from generations 1-5 would continue to be exempt from the change as long as their devices were working and supported, though some confusion on this point has remained since the initial announcement. Thankfully, a Google Photos team member tweeted this week confirming that high-quality photo uploads (up to 16MP) from Pixel phones from 2 through 5 will continue to not count against one’s Google account storage.

This got us wondering… would you consider grabbing a Pixel 5 before that June 1st deadline?

03-15-2021 02:43 PM

Apparently there is another change in the unlimited photo storage policy.
„Current Pixel Owners Will Get to Keep Unlimited Storage in Google Photos After June. “


B. Diddy
03-15-2021 04:54 PM

Remind me — did Google at one point say that the Pixel 4 & 5 would lose unlimited backups after June 2021? I could’ve sworn they did, but then when I was recently searching about it, I found this Google blog article from Nov 2020 saying that Pixels 1-5 would keep whatever unlimited plan they had forever:


03-15-2021 06:13 PM

I think „high quality“ was always going to be unlimited after June 1st, not „Original Quality“, which is what prompted me to buy additional storage when it was first announced whatever months ago.


We want to hear from you — If current Pixels up to the 5 will keep unlimited photo backups, does that make you more likely to buy a 5 or lower before the 6 comes out?

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