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Like Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto is intended to be a supplement to, or replacement for, your car manufacturer’s in-dash infotainment system. It is meant to provide a distraction-free, or at least less distracting, portal for you to access the apps and services that you might need or want while driving, such as music, navigation, news, weather, and calendar apps. Recognizing that not everyone has Android Auto built-in to their vehicles, Google even makes an app for Android Auto that lets you use your phone as the interface for the system.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan, and issues and bugs have cropped up for many. I, for one, continue to have issues with my music app of choice (Amazon Music) on Android Auto (and CarPlay, for what that’s worth), and while perusing the AC forums, I saw that other people had had their own issues with Android Auto.

02-04-2021 10:16 PM

I love love love the S21 but android auto is completely ruining everything for me.

It just has so many bugs, the volume control doesn’t reset after using Google assistant. Music resumes (when it actually does) playing at the voice volume level not the audio volume level. Fixed by initiating Google assistant again and canceling it.

The screen will go blank when navigating the interface on…


03-03-2021 02:07 AM

I’ve had nothing but troubles with Android Auto and my S10 for past 2 weeks now. Unsupported device error, black screen, won’t connect at all.
(And yes, it has worked flawlessly in the past)……and my wife’s Iphone connects with no issues.

Uninstaller, reinstall, replaced cables nothing helps. I did a „restore factory settings“ yesterday………..but still Android Auto might connect, but…


02-06-2021 12:57 PM

I don’t use Android Auto, but I can tell you that it’s baked into Android now. (I’ve never used it, or wanted to install it, but it’s in my Pixel 2 settings.)


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