Apple’s upcoming iOS 14.5 may steal one of the best things about Android

iOS users may finally be able to install important security patches without having to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system first.

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly working on rolling out standalone iOS security updates, similar to Android.
  • The change will allow users to install critical security updates without having to install the entire iOS update.
  • Apple currently bundles security patches with new iOS releases.

Apple may soon begin rolling out standalone security updates to iPhones and iPads, similar to the way Google releases new Android security patches each month. The folks over at 9to5Mac have spotted a few changes hidden in the internal codes of the fourth iOS 14.5 beta, which seem to suggest the change could be introduced along with the next big iOS release later this year.

Unlike Android, devices running on iOS must update to the latest version of the operating system to get the latest security fixes. However, a new section that has been added to the iOS software update menu in the latest iOS 14.5 beta reveals Apple may soon give its users the option to install important security updates without upgrading to the latest iOS release.

Apple already offers a similar update method for macOS. The company regularly rolls out standalone macOS security updates, allowing users to get bug fixes without having to install the latest version of the operating system first.

Although not every Android phone on the market receives security patches on a regular basis, the best Android phones usually receive monthly security updates for a period of three years from launch. Samsung, which is the biggest Android OEM, recently promised four years of security updates for all recent Galaxy phones — including many of its best cheap Android phones.

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