Did you get your Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag? If so, how are you using it?

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With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series came a new product called the Galaxy SmartTag. Ostensibly, the idea behind the SmartTags was that you could attach them to things that you might frequently lose, such as keys, luggage, or pets (meow?).

In practice, they’re not really any different from any of the other best Bluetooth trackers. Still, we were curious how the AC community was using the new Galaxy SmartTags (or if they were).

03-10-2021 08:45 PM

I never got mine that i ordered with my phone on Jan 28th. I contacted samsung order dept and they said it would be shipped feb 24th,still nada 🙁 MY order page says „delivered“ but no tracking # available.
Just curious if anyone else has had issue.


03-10-2021 08:54 PM

Trust me you’re not missing out on much , they don’t even work half the time


03-10-2021 09:11 PM

Got mine around the same time as the phone, which was early Feb. I think.


03-11-2021 06:58 AM

I received mine with my order and it works great.


03-11-2021 12:04 PM

Never got mine. Just got my watch and case last Mon – was backordered for 3 weeks. I’ve asked Samsung numerous times about the tag and keep getting the run around. I’ve heard the tags aren’t great but would still like it to try it out.


03-11-2021 02:13 PM

Mine came with my phone but I don’t think I will ever use it for anything. They talk about things such as adding it to your key chain to find lost keys but I certainly don’t want something like that hanging off my key chain and I never misplace my keys anyway. There was a suggestion about putting it in luggage but I don’t think you can track it unless you’re within Bluetooth range, so I don’t…


We want to hear from you — Did you get your Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag? If so, how are you using it?

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