Samsung’s Clock app now helps you track sleep with new Bedtime mode

Samsung’s Clock app gains Digital Wellbeing support.

What you need to know

  • Samsung has updated the Clock app with Digital Wellbeing support.
  • Now you can track your sleep patterns just as easily as you can do with the Google Clock app.
  • It’s rolling out now via the Galaxy Store.

Samsung’s One UI clock app is now a lot more similar to Google’s own Clock app. The company rolled out an update through the Galaxy Store (via Android Police), giving it the same bedtime mode that debuted on Pixels before coming to older Android phones.

Now, the Clock app will be able to help you keep a handle on your sleep with its sleep schedule, as well as likely keep track of how many hours you stay asleep by monitoring your phone usage during your assigned bedtime. Unlike the Google Clock app though, this is tied to the S Health app.

Again, like with the Google Clock app and select smart home devices, Samsung also integrates this with the SmartThings platform. It can slowly brighten the compatible lights once the alarm rings, bringing you to wakefulness more gently than an alarm would.

Keeping track of your sleep patterns, especially when in lockdown, is a useful habit to develop. While Google has long since offered this functionality on its own Clock app, Samsung adopting it on its own native app makes it likely that a wider audience will see it and use it.

As stated, the update is rolling out to Samsung users via the Galaxy Store.

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