These Galaxy Watch Active bands will give your wearable new life

Being active doesn’t mean you should skimp out on looking fashionable! The Galaxy Watch Active is one of the best wearables for fitness enthusiasts out there. It’s stylish on its own, but if you’re searching for the best Galaxy Watch Active replacement band, you’ll want it to do two things: make you look super trendy while not leaving your wrist drenched in sweat. Fortunately, this smartwatch is compatible with 20mm quick release bands, so it’s easy to find a match for your fashion and comfort needs.

Soft and comfortable

WNIPH Soft Nylon Band

Staff Pick

The best Galaxy Watch Active replacement band out there is from WNIPH. It comes in an array of colorful patterns, so you’ll have plenty of options. It’s made from tight double-layer woven nylon that makes it soft and breathable, yet sturdy. The unique hook-and-loop design ensures it will stay secure on your wrist.

$7 at Amazon

Fashionable patterns for all

Honecumi Rubber Sport Band

The Honecumi sports band not only comes in a variety of different colors such as blue, red, pink, and green but in a bunch of fun patterns, too. Outside of this flowery band, you also have access to a leopard skin pattern, as well as roses and butterflies.

$8 at Amazon

Breathable and soft

V-MORO Leather Watch Band

Available in a multitude of colors, including the classic black and brown, the V-MORO leather band is lightweight and breathable. It’s also stylish, which is ideal for those going for the smart yet casual look. It has an adjustable strap and is made of high-quality cowhide leather that feels ultra-soft on your wrist.

$13 at Amazon

Light on your wrist

Koreda Stainless Steel Mesh Loop Band

This stainless steel mesh loop band is stunning but still useful during physical activity. It’s light and comfortable on your wrist, which makes it perfect for comfortable day-to-day wear. It also comes in many colors, including black, silver, pink gold, rose gold, and more.

$11 at Amazon

Thick and flexible

VIGOSS Silicone Band

Despite the thickness and durability of the silicone, the VIGOSS band is light on the wrist with air ventilation holes to improve breathability and comfort. It is also very flexible, meaning that twisting or bending the strap will not cause damage to the colorful silicone.

$7 at Amazon

Comfortably fashionable

Fintie Soft Nylon Band

The Fintie band is made from soft nylon that gives it a fabric-like feel. The nylon of the band is woven very thinly to help with air getting to your wrist, and the Fintie band allows you to pick from over 10 colors and patterns — letting you choose what suits you best.

$9 at Amazon

Easy to fit on your wrist

CAGOS Stainless Steel Metal Bangle

This CAGOS bangle is perfect for those who prefer a more refined, slimmer band that doesn’t take up their whole wrist. You’ll get a fashionable, yet affordable band that comes in both Black and Rose Pink. Simply remove the folding clasps as needed to readjust the size of the band.

$10 at Amazon

Premium materials

TRUMiRR Woven Nylon Watch Band

If you want a band made of high-quality materials that will last, this is the one for you. This canvas woven nylon band from TRUMiRR is not only comfortable to wear, but it also offers a uniquely stylish appearance. It comes with a 316L stainless steel buckle that’s extra thick for top-notch security.

$14 at Amazon

Best Galaxy Watch Active replacement bands: How to choose

Beyond changing the watch face or buying a certain color, one of the best ways to personalize your watch and truly make it your own is to replace that plain stock band. Samsung tends to stick with fairly standard watch band sizes for its smartwatches, and in the case of the Galaxy Watch Active, any 20mm band will do.

Aside from adding a personal flair to your watch, choosing a different watchband also allows you to change how your Galaxy Watch Active fits on your wrist and how it feels to wear all day. Leather doesn’t feel the same as metal, after all, and neither breathes as well as fabric.

Narrowigng it down

This all comes down to personal taste, but there are a few factors you should consider when shopping for a watch band. One factor is comfort since, again, you’ll be wearing the band all day — or at least as long as you use the Galaxy Watch Active. Softer materials like silicone, fabric, and leather are easier on your wrist than metal, for example, and they’re easier to adjust as well, thanks to the holes along the strap. The Galaxy Watch Active is fashionable on its own, which is why it’s one of the best Android smartwatches despite its age, but you can make it even more so with the right band.

The best Galaxy Watch Active replacement band for workout enthusiasts is the WNIPH soft nylon band. It comes in a variety of colors and boasts a breathable yet durable design. If comfort is your main focus, we really like the V-MORO leather watch band and the VIGOSS silicone band, the latter of which breathes well thanks to its porous design.

Of course, you should also think about aesthetics and design when shopping around. You’ll be wearing this, on your wrist after all! For fashion, it’s hard to beat Honecumi’s wide variety of design options. Still, we also love the sleek look of Koreda stainless steel bands.

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