Sling TV free trial: Here’s how to try it before signing up

Sling TV has a free trial available right now that gives you three full days of access to the plan and add-ons of your choice! Choose between the Sling Blue, Sling Orange, or Sling Orange + Blue plans and then add-on additional packages for more channels to watch for free during your three-day trial period.

Sign up at Sling TV now

Sling TV is easily one of the best live TV streaming services out there right now. Not only is it affordable with plans starting at just $35 per month, but it includes many of the most popular cable channels and local broadcast channels as well. Whether you’re a sports fan who can’t live without ESPN or someone who’s obsessed with HGTV and discovering new ways to reinvent spaces and furniture in your home, Sling TV has you covered.

With the free trial at Sling, you’ll not only score three days of access to the base plan of your choice for free but also any add-ons you select. There are a few add-ons which are not eligible for the free trial period, including NBA League Pass and NBA Team Pass.

Another option is to check out the ‚Watch Free‘ section at Sling. There’s a selection of content that’s completely free to watch even without being a Sling subscriber, including on-demand shows and films as well as a few live TV channels. This is the perfect way to get a feel for how Sling works if you’re not willing to enter your billing information to start the free 3-day trial.

Is there a longer Sling TV free trial?

We’ve seen longer Sling TV trials in the past, including one that allowed non-subscribers to watch between the hours of 5PM and midnight each night during early 2020 and others that gave new subscribers two weeks for free. Though three days isn’t quite as great an offer, it’s still a nice opportunity to try out the service and cancel before it charges you if you decide it’s not worth the cost.

Are there any Sling TV deals?

There are always a few Sling TV deals for new subscribers, and they typically give you a free device that makes it easier to stream the service with! Most of these offers ask that you pre-pay for two or three months of Sling in advance. As thanks, you’ll receive a free device such as a TiVo Stream 4K or an AirTV Mini. Considering those devices typically cost above $50 themselves, it’s a smart way to sign up if you have a TV at home that needs a way to watch.

What plan options are currently offered for Sling TV?

Sling has two base plans which vary slightly in the channels they provide: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. A third plan, Sling Orange + Blue, combines all the channels from the base plans so you don’t have to choose between them. Sling Orange is missing channels like SYFY, FX, and TLC while Sling Blue doesn’t offer channels like ESPN or Disney Channel. With Sling Orange + Blue you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. Plus, you’ll save an additional 25% by signing up for the combined plan.

Sling’s plans are affordably priced by keeping the channel list relatively low from the onset, though each plan allows you to add on additional channels which aren’t available in the base plans. You can find a pack of additional channels for kids at just $6 more per month or channels like VH1, MTV, Comedy Central, WE TV, GSN, and many more. There are a bunch of channel packs to consider as well as premium movie channels like Showtime and Starz.

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