These are the best cases you can get for your future Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the biggest and most powerful Galaxies ever, as well as being the first to work with the S Pen, traditionally reserved for the Note line. The camera module on the Ultra is just as big as it was on the S20 Ultra, but the design’s been improved so that it looks more cohesive and meshes with the phone’s metal frame, but that design also means that you’re more prone to damage the cameras with a side-impact, so a case is more important than ever. The best cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra are right here, whether you’re after a clear case to show off the Ultra’s design or a durable tank to keep it safe and secure.

Colorful and durable

Caseology Nano Pop

Staff pick

After two years of the Nano Pop being exclusive to iPhones, it’s finally coming to Samsung phones with the S21 series. The Blueberry Navy with its yellow accents is striking and classic, and the impact-absorbing pattern embedded in the back gives you slim protection.

$15 at Amazon

Ready to work hard

ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series for S21 Ultra

The S21 Ultra is made for productivity, so it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite S21 Ultra cases features a nice, sturdy kickstand that works in portrait mode so you can prop it up next to your computer, or while doomscrolling at the dinner table. The launch colors are nice, too, with the Purple and Red version looking especially fetching.

From $19 at Amazon

Look at those accents!

Samsung Leather Cover

Samsung’s Leather Cover is usually one of the best leather cases for a Samsung phone period, but the Ultra gets some extra pomp and circumstance with the S21 Ultra in the form of braided texturing on the camera module. It’s like the Carbon fiber on the custom Ultra, only it actually looks good!

$50 at Amazon
$50 at Samsung

Show it off

ESR Clear Case

ESR’s clear cases are slim as can be, allowing you to see every millimeter of Samsung’s design while guarding it against scratches and adding some much-needed grip to this extra-large phone. It adds the slimmest of margins while giving you peace of mind. ESR also has bundles so you can snag some screen protectors alongside the clear case.

$12 at Amazon

Sturdy and strong

OtterBox Symmetry Series for S21 Ultra

OtterBox may be best known for its tank-like Defender Series, but I’m more fond of the Symmetry Series with its brighter colors and sleeker shapes. I mean, look at this turquoise! Samsung was too scared to give us something this bold, but at least OtterBox has the guts for it. This year’s model is also made with 60% recycled materials so it’s more sustainable.

$50 at Amazon (Scuba Blue)
$50 at Amazon (Black)
$50 at OtterBox

Carry everything together

Foluu Wallet

Folio cases let us guard that big, bright, beautiful screen while also adding extra functionality with wallet flaps to hold cards and cash. This wallet folio has small magnetic clasps on the side, keeping it closed but not getting in the way when open. This wallet only has two card slots, but the cash flap is deep. Remember: your S21 Ultra has Google Pay and Samsung Pay!

From $10 at Amazon

Grooves and grime-fighting

Speck Presidio2 Grip

With its iconic and expertly grippy grooved pattern across the back, Speck’s most popular case series is alive and well with the S21 Ultra. Rated to withstand 13-foot drops thanks to Armor Cloud air cushioning, Speck has also added Microban protection against odor and stain-causing germs so your case looks just as great two years from now.

$45 at Amazon (Blue)
$45 at Amazon (Black)
$45 at Best Buy (Black)

Better than clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter

The Spigen Liquid Crystal comes in a few flavors this year, but if you’re secure enough in your style, I highly recommend grabbing the Glitter version for two reasons: Firstly, the glitter hides smudges and scuffs, so it’s more functional. Secondly, glitter adds more personality and depth to the look.

$12 at Amazon (Glitter)
$11 at Amazon

Two accessories in one

Samsung Silicone Cover with S-Pen

If you’re going to go for broke with your S21 Ultra case, you might as well get something extra and extra-useful with yours. This case comes with the S-Pen, turning your S21 Ultra into a Galaxy Note in most ways. Sadly, it only comes in black.

$70 at Samsung
$70 at Amazon
$70 at Best Buy

Can’t beat the classics

Sucnakp TPU

While Sucnakp might be better known for its more heavy-duty cases, I’m a fan of the classic TPU case with carbon fiber accents. Available in Navy Blue or Black, this case will add grip to your S21 Ultra without bulking it up. Despite the low profile, there’s still air cushioning in the corners to help absorb the impact of a small drop.

$8 at Amazon

Shockproof and secure

Tech21 Evo Check

Tech21’s cases are all impeccably designed to keep your phone secure while still showing it off, with the Evo Check being drop-tested up to 12 feet while still showing off the S21 Ultra’s branding. There’s also antimicrobial protection embedded in the silicone.

$44 at Amazon
$40 at Best Buy

Hail to the queen

UAG Monarch

Urban Armor Gear is best-known for super-rugged cases, but the Monarch is more of a ruggedly handsome rogue. The case has five layers including luxurious leather across the back. It always feels delightful in the hand, and this year, we get a Mallard Blue in addition to Crimson Red.

$60 at Amazon
$45 at Best Buy

Hide your cards and cash

Atraing Card Slot Case

Hey, if you’re going to get a big, heavy-duty case for this big, heavy phone, might as well make use of the space. You can keep a couple of credit cards or some cash concealed inside while also guarding your S21 Ultra against drops and dings.

$14 at Amazon

Popular protection

Spigen Rugged Armor for S21 Ultra

If there was a TPU embodiment of „if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“, it would be the Spigen Rugged Armor series. You’ve got a slight texture across the back and sides for grip, you get extra texturing for grip near the bottom and the side of the camera module to help you hold it when taking photos.

$13 at Amazon

Candy colored shells

Anccer Ultra Thin

If you don’t want to bulk up your Galaxy S21 Ultra any more than absolutely necessary, Anccer’s thin, hard-shell will give you some added grip and scratch protection without making this super-sized phone any harder to fit in your pocket.

$12 at Amazon

Best bumper

Incipio Grip

This case may not seem all that rugged, but it’s got impact struts to help it survive 14-foot drops. It’s also got an impressively textured bumper to help you keep your S21 Ultra in your hand instead of letting it slip through your sweaty fingers.

$40 at Incipio
$40 at Amazon

Grip and glamour

Caseology Parallax

The shallow and mesmerizing texture on the Parallax allows you to get a good grip bare-handed while still playing nice with PopSockets and other stick-on accessories if you need to use one with the Ultra (I know my small hands need it). You can get a Purple-ish or Pink that mimics the smaller S21.

From $15 at Amazon
$20 at Walmart

Thin but rugged

Ringke Onyx Series

Ringke is one of the best case makers when it comes to giving you durability in a compact profile, and the Onyx series comes in two flavors. The regular Onyx comes in Black, Navy, and Gray, and the Onyx Design has some fun little quips and tech-y easter eggs in its three designs, which are all on the Black. I wish the Graffiti came with Navy, though.

$13 at Amazon
$14 at Amazon (Design)

What makes the best cases for the Galaxy 21 Ultra?

There’s usually a half-dozen factors to consider and juggle when choosing a case, but for a phone as physically large and heavy as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, durability and grip have to be top of the list. Heavy-duty cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra are bound to draw a lot of attention for higher drop-testing and extra functionality such as the kickstand on the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series, which is durable and dependable while injecting some color. If you want protection without getting a bulky case, check out the Caseology Nano Pop, which builds air-cushions into both the bumper and the back cover while also offering up dynamic two-tone colorways and a slim profile.

On the thinner side of the spectrum, the Anccer Ultra Thin and the ESR Clear Case both offer increased grip and scratch protection while keeping your Galaxy S21 Ultra as svelte as possible. I’m partial to the candy color of the Anccer — especially since the Ultra doesn’t get Phantom Violet or Phantom Pink like the smaller models — but if you want to show off the shiny silver of your Phantom Silver, the ESR Clear is an excellent option, too.

While you’re buying your new phone a case, though, don’t neglect the screen, because if your front glass shatters, all you’re left with is an expensive paperweight. The Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protectors will ensure that your touchscreen remains pristine and perfect for years to come.

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